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ASCETE - Advanced Simulation of Coupled Earthquake and Tsunami Events

Earthquakes and tsunamis represent the most dangerous natural catastrophes and can cause large numbers of fatalities and severe economic loss in a single and unexpected extreme event as shown in Sumatra in 2004, Samoa in 2009, Haiti in 2010, or Japan in 2011. Both phenomena are consequences of the interactions within the complex system of tectonic stress, fracture mechanics, rock friction, rupture dynamics, fault geometry, ocean bathymetry, and coast line geometry. The ASCETE project forms an interdisciplinary research consortium that – for the first time – will couple the most advanced simulation technologies for earthquake rupture dynamics and tsunami propagation to understand the fundamental conditions of tsunami generation. Tsunami models that consider the fully dynamic rupture process coupled to hydrodynamic models have not been investigated yet. Therefore, the project has the potential to gain more insight into the underlying physics of earthquakes capable to generate devastating tsunamis.

This project is funded by the Volkswagen Foundation within the program "New Conceptual Approaches to Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems".

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