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Tsunami Modeling and Simulation

Precise tsunami simulation is currently an active research area and several new methods have been proposed recently. Accurate representation of the scale gap between near shore small-scale wave-topography interaction and global large-scale wave propagation is necessary. ASCETE aims at developing current multi-scale and adaptive mesh numerical techniques for tsunami wave simulation up to operational reliability.

In order to achieve this goal, triangular element based adaptive mesh refinement discontinuous Galerkin (DG) methods with inundation are implemented. Validating these methods is a key objective. Furthermore, non-hydrostatic effects that play an important role in near and on-shore behavior of tsunami waves are to be incorporated into the simulation software. Finally, a dynamic coupling of the tsunami wave simulation to the dynamic physics-based rupture model will be accomplished.

In order to achieve high computational efficiency on current high performance computing architectures sophisticated tree-based space-filling curve optimization techniques will be employed to the adaptive mesh algorithms.

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