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1st ASCETE Sudelfeld Workshop

Workshop on advanced numerical methods for earthquake and tsunami simulation on modern HPC systems

May, 20th - 23rd, 2014

Berghotel Sudelfeld

Bayrischzell - Oberbayern

The 1st ASCETE Sudelfeld Summit focuses on the combined numerical simulation of earthquakes and tsunamis on large-scale HPC infrastructure. International scientists introduce the topics with their keynote lectures: advanced numerical methods, earthquake physics, seismic wave and tsunami propagation, efficient code implementation on modern HPC architectures and geodynamical perspective on subduction zones. After the overview of the state-of-the-art in each research field, the keynote lectures are followed by an open discussion and short talks of the workshop participants. The workshop is dedicated to all-level researchers interested in the proposed topics and in particular in the combined simulation of earthquakes and tsunamis.

Keynote speaker

Further Information

If you have questions please contact Christian Pelties.


The ASCETE Sudelfeld Summit and the ASCETE project are funded by the Volkswagen Stiftung.

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