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The WIT Hamburg team welcomes Olga Nesterova, MSc student from St. Petersburg State University. Olga will stay in Hamburg for four weeks. During this time, she will work on "optimal focusing", a topic valuable to active seismics (diffractions) and passive seismics. 

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We are pleased to announce that WIT researchers will contribute to this year's SEG Annual Meeting with the following presentations:

  • Tuesday 16 October, 08:30
    Diekmann, L., Schwarz, B., Bauer, A., and Gajewski, D. (2018): Simultaneous model building and source localization: A 3D synthetic case study. SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts, 2937-2941.

  • Tuesday 16 October, 13:50
    Xie, Y., Yang, Y., and Gajewski, D. (2018): Wavefront-attribute estimation for 3D laterally heterogeneous media. SEG…
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We are extremely pleased to announce that the SEG decided to choose Dirk Gajewski from the WIT Hamburg team as Europe Honorary Lecturer for 2019. The topic of his lecture will be Wavefront attributes – A tool for processing, imaging, and model building. This choice constitutes a major honour and is a recognition of Dirk's excellence.

If there is a guiding theme in Dirk’s scientifc life, it is wavefronts and attributes. In the early years he used a model-driven approach in his work on ray…

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Boris Kashtan from St. Petersburg State University is currently visiting the WIT Hamburg team as a research scientist until the end of October. The fruitful collaboration with Professor Kashtan has led to significant insight in the past, particularly in the development on new methods. You can find these in the annual WIT reports as well as, of course, in journal publications. We are very pleased that Boris is again in Hamburg. In addition to research, he will offer a lecture on Ray Method in…

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We are pleased to announce that WIT researchers will contribute to this year's 80th EAGE Conference and Exhibition in Copenhagen with the following presentations:

  • Sunday 10 June, 14:25 
    A. Bauer, B. Schwarz, D. Gajewski: Diffraction Wavefront Tomography – Efficient automated velocity inversion for multi-fold and single-channel data. 
    Workshop 1 Seismic Imaging with Ray and Waves – Where do we stand? Part I: Velocity Estimation.

  • Wednesday 13 June, 09:45 
    Y. Pan, S. Schaneng, T. Steinweg, T.…
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SEG 2018 European Honorary Lecturer Ivan Vasconcelos is coming to Hamburg on April 16th to present his insight on 'Full-wavefield focusing in seismic imaging – Concepts, applications, and examples'. 

Please see here for a flyer with details. Further information about Ivan and the Honorary Lecturer programme is also available on the SEG's webpage.

The lecture will take place from 13:30 to 15 hours in the lecture room 022/23 of the ZMAW building at the University of Hamburg, located at Bundesstr…

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We are happy to announce that on December 7th, 2017, Yujiang 'Lucas' Xie, Ph.D. student with WIT Hamburg, has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. It is entitled "Determination and application of 3-D wavefront attributes" and will be made available as electronic dissertation at the Hamburg State and University Library Carl von Ossietzky.

Congratulations, Lucas!

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We are pleased to announce that WIT researchers will contribute to this year's SEG Annual Meeting in Houston with the following presentations:

  • Barrera, D., Schleicher, J., Wapenaar, C., Van Der Neut, J. (2017): Deconvolution and correlation-based interferometric redatuming by wavefield inversion. SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts 2017: 5526-5530.

  • Dell, S. Abakumov, I., Kashtan, B., Gajewski, D. (2017): Utilizing diffractions in full-wave inversion for a detailed model building. SEG…
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We are pleased to announce that WIT researchers will contribute to this year's 79th EAGE Conference & Exhibition in Paris with the following presentations:

  • Bauer, A., Schwarz, B. and Gajewski, D. (2017): Quantifying Diffracted and Passive Event Location Uncertainties with Local Wavefront Measurements. 79th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2017.
  • Diekmann, L., Schwarz, B., Bauer, A. and Gajewski, D. (2017) Approaching Passive Data with the established Active Seismic Toolbox. 79th EAGE Conference and…
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During this year's EAGE conference in Paris, there will be a full-day workshop on “Linking Active and Passive Seismics”. The aim of the workshop is to bring together experts from the active and passive seismic communities to take a step forward in improving the technological exchange between both fields, in order to seamlessly blend reflection seismic data (particularly diffractions) with passive seismic data for improved localization, model building and imaging in both fields. Conveners are U.…

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